Matrox M-Series

Product Feature

Drive Multi-Monitor Applications with Extraordinary Performance
The Matrox M-Series multi-display graphics cards render pristine images across up to eight high-resolution monitors at resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 for an exceptional multi-monitor user experience. With up to 2 GB of memory and advanced desktop management features such as stretched and independent desktop modes, M-Series drives business, industrial, and government applications with extraordinary performance. M-Series graphics cards are easy to integrate into a wide variety of systems. Save valuable slot space and benefit from the ability to add multiple M-Series cards to achieve support for up to 16 displays from a single computer1.
Key Features:
  • — Up to 2 GB of memory
  • — Native PCI Express (PCIe) x16 performance
  • — Joined graphics card mode
  • — Stretched and independent desktop modes
  • — Edge Overlap Functionality for Multi-Projector Platforms
  • — Pristine image quality for high resolution monitors, including DisplayPort™ monitors
  • — Wide enterprise flexibility
  • — Multiple operating system support
  • — Low profile and ATX form factors


Product Line:

Dual Monitor Solutions

  • — Matrox M9120 PCIe x16
  • — Matrox M9120 Plus LP PCIe x1
  • — Matrox M9120 Plus LP PCIe x16
  • — Matrox M9125 PCIe x16
  • — Matrox M9128 LP PCIe x16

Triple Monitor Solutions

  • — Matrox M9138 LP PCIe x16

Quad Monitor Solutions

  • — Matrox M9140 LP PCIe x16
  • — Matrox M9148 LP PCIe x16
  • — Matrox M9120 Plus LP PCIe x12
  • — Matrox M9120 Plus LP PCIe x162

Octal Monitor Solutions

  • — Matrox M9188 PCIe x16